Haan Investigations is a reliable company that provides a professional and quality work product. They are thorough with their investigations and when needed they have gone out of their way to make sure the goals were answered for the assignment. For Stephen Haan, customer service is important and that makes him easy to work with. I recommend Haan Investigations for any type of surveillance.

Ken Walter, President
Carolina Investigations, Inc.

Haan Investigations is an excellent company for your insurance / personal injury investigation needs. Has the capacity to locate and take through statements and has a full knowledge of insurance liability and personal injury situations. Stephen has excellent people skills which is critical to being able to investigate.

Harriet Gold, FCI
Gold Investigations, Inc.

Mr. Haan has completed 6 assignments for our firm in the last 5 months. He has done infidelity surveillance, criminal background checks, interviews, as well as a personal injury investigation where he was required to conduct in person interviews of management and employees of a major drug store in Virginia. He was also required to take photos and measurements of the site where the injury occurred. All 6 assignments were completed swiftly with outstanding reporting, diligence, attention to detail and professionalism. I recommend Mr. Haan to anyone looking for professional private investigations in North Carolina and Virginia.

Jason Beberniss, Director of Investigations

Haan Investigations is my go to company for Surveillance and SIU Investigations in the State of North Carolina. Their attention to detail is top notch and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality company to do work for them!

Cory Gaul, Operations Manager
Specialty Group, Inc.

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