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Domestic Investigations

Domestic Investigations can help get the answers you need. At Haan Investigations every case is handled with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. We personally handle the entire investigation from beginning to end. We have the experience and the resources to handle domestic investigations involving:


At Haan Investigations we provide information you can use to determine if there is infidelity or a cheating partner. We begin with a free consultation to discuss the specific concerns and needs the client may have. We then customize an investigative strategy based on the client’s objectives. From there a line of contact remains throughout the entire investigation.

Child Custody

Child Custody Investigations determine a child’s environment when he/she is with a custody or non-custody parent. The client is then provided the evidence needed to verify compliance/non-compliance of a child custody agreement.

Other Domestic Investigations include: Missing/Locating Persons; Lifestyle Investigations.

Every investigation is conducted with integrity, honesty, and excellence. Discretion and confidentiality is assured throughout. Whatever your investigative needs are, we at Haan Investigations can find the information, evidence, and facts that truly exist.

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